Lear Few Bioidentical Hormones Utah Botox Facts

Bioidentical Hormones Utah

Bioidentical Hormones Utah Botox has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in America today. If you decide or you’re considering getting botox injections, then you might benefit from learning some facts about botox first before you schedule an appointment. 

Facts About Botox Injections

Botox is very quick and takes less than 15 minutes

With botox being such a quick cosmetic procedure with no recovery needed, it’s very easy to fit in an appointment even during a busy work schedule. You can stop in before work for an appointment, or during a lunch break, or even while you’re waiting for your kids to finish with their guitar lesson. The scheduling possibilities for botox are pretty much endless.

More men are now getting botox

At first, botox was only aimed primarily towards women, but now more men are enjoying the great benefits of a younger-looking face from botox. Since the year 2001, the number of men receiving Botox has increased by well over 200 percent. A Lot of men receive botox simply just because they want to improve their appearance. For others, it is because their girlfriend or wife has encouraged them to receive botox.

Botox has been around for a very long time

Because botox has just recently become a lot more popular, most people aren’t aware that botox has actually been around for over 150 years. Dr. Justinus Kermeer was the one who discovered the botulinum toxin for botox in the 1820’s. The botulinum toxin is the key ingredient that makes botox so effective.

Botox is very effective and very safe

Knowing the fact that Botox is made from a bacteria might alarm you at first. However, thanks to a lot of medical research and the long history botox have undergone, it has become one of the safest procedures in the cosmetic industry. Botox has a success rate of well over 99% and can successfully treat a wide range of cosmetic ailments. 

Botox is long-lasting

A single injection of botox can last up to four months. Going in for regular visits with your dermatologist is the main way to help you maintain the youthful look. Botox is also very affordable especially if you only go in every four months and it’s also painless. It’s nothing more than just a needle prick. 

Botox can also be used to treat excessive sweating

For thousands of people who have excessive sweating issues, botox is a great treatment option. Botox injection every 3 months can help calm down the sweat glands, which can keep you away from being embarrassed by sweaty armpits. 

Botox doesn’t help with sun damage 

The main purpose of Bioidentical Hormones Utah botox injections is to help prevent muscle movement around the eyes that cause frown lines and wrinkles. Botox is not an alternate option for sunscreen so it means that botox will not help you with sun damage. If you need to improve your skin’s texture then you can consider getting a laser procedure.