The don’t of using an inversions table

An Inversion Table is the best way to relieve your back pain and fix your stiff joints but if not used properly, you could seriously injure yourself and cause more harm than good really.

Any training equipment needs to be properly used and you need to make sure that you follow all the rules before you start with your intense training.

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So, here are a few things to keep in mind while using your Inversion tables:

Don’t start too fast

One of the most common mistakes made by people who have newly bought their Inversion table is that they start their workout at a much higher intensity than their body is used to.

This can really cause an injury so always make sure that you start slow. First, get your body accustomed to a lower intensity and only then increase your workout pace.

Protect your ankles

Another common mistake made by users is to not wear socks and shoes during a workout or using an inversion table which doesn’t come with padded strapping.

This is important because this protects your ankles and feet from getting sore or injured because a lot of pressure is applied to them when using an inversion table. So, don’t neglect your ankle and feet, get a proper inversion table with necessary padding.

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Don’t go for a cheap quality

One of the most common errors made by people is to go for a cheap inversion table which is not made up of good quality and doesn’t provide you with a comfortable back support.

An inversion table needs to be durable and made of a good quality material for it to be able to help, so don’t cheap out on this. Buy a good quality Inversion table for yourself. Fitnessguyd’s listed the best one’s for 2017 so don’t waste your time or money on cheap low-quality ones.

Make space in your home

Another frequent problem that users complain about is that when they fold their tables and try to move them into the storage area, they suffer from back pains.

This is quite normal because if you are already suffering from a back pain, carrying a heavy load won’t help your case. So, avoid folding up your inversion table and make room for it inside your house itself.

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Avoid an imbalanced table

Make sure that your inversion table is sturdy and balanced and won’t fall or break when you are using it as this could seriously injure you. So, always test your inversion table before buying it for yourself.

You don’t want yourself falling off and hurting you during an inversion table therapy now, do you?

Don’t overdo it

One of the most common mistakes made by people is to do all the exercise in one day itself. An inversion table won’t cure your back pain in just one day, it is a gradual process.

So, don’t overdo your exercise. Go slow and take it slow. Make sure that you increase your pace slowly with time. Don’t worry, it will be still effective if you take it slowly and not rush into it.

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