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Yoga is one of the most common forms of workout for most people. Whether elderly or kids, male or female yoga is a universal form of exercises widely accepted is almost all parts of the world.

But before you get started finding the right teacher or guru is important. It is their guidance that will set you on the right path both physically and mentally.

My name is Sasha and I live in the US and through my blog, Yoga West aim to provide the help both newbies and experts seek. I have been practicing yoga for 7-8 years and I am available at all times to solve any of your queries.

Don’t forget to check out all the tips and tricks. Yoga requires patience and time and the right tips can help you a long way and make you faster, flexible and at peace.

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In case you are looking, special classes, you can join me at my studio. For more information drop me a mail at or leave a comment.

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